Questions About Scrapping My Car

We have tried to include the most common questions raised when scrapping your car. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, then please call us on 07870 926551, or email us at

How much will I be paid for my scrap car?

Scrap prices constantly change due to fluctuations in the world wide demand for steel, so you need to be on the ball to ensure that you’re getting the best value.  Cars4Scrap continually monitors the scrap metal prices so we can offer you the best deal for your scrap car.

Will it cost me anything to get a quote from Cars4Scrap?

No, quotations from Cars4Scrap are provided free of charge.

If I get a quote from Cars4Scrap, do I have to accept it?

No, when you obtain a quote from us there’s no obligation to accept it.

Will I have some time to think about my quotation?

Yes, if you’re not quite ready to go ahead, you can save your quote for 14 days so that you can come back later.

When can I expect the collection to take place?

Timescales do vary from area to area but we aim to be with you within 48 hours of first contact. Quite often we can arrange collection the same day.

Does my car have to be complete?

No, your car doesn’t have to be complete. We accept cars of all conditions; complete, scrap, ex-restoration, part stripped, race cars etc.

To be complete, a car must have all of its essential components, such as the engine, gearbox, wheels, bodywork, battery and catalytic converter (if originally fitted). None of these parts have to be working nor does the car have to be drivable.

Does my car have to be free from damage?

No, but the level of damage may affect the amount we are prepared to pay for it.

Do I need to provide the keys for my car?

No, providing you can prove ownership of the vehicle, we do not need the keys. Please tell us if the vehicle is without keys at the time of requesting a quote.

The road tax runs out on my car at the end of the month. I want it collected but need to be sure that I don’t get a fine from the DVLA when the tax expires. What happens with the paperwork?

We will complete the paperwork for you to ensure this will not happen. Just pass the V5 registration document to the driver collecting the vehicle. They will complete and sign a section of the document saying that you have transferred the vehicle to a motor trader. You need to countersign this and send the section to the DVLA at Swansea. You are then, from the date of the transfer, no longer legally responsible for the vehicle. If you cant find your V5 document – don’t worry as we will provide you with a letter that you can send in lieu of the missing V5, which will have the same effect.

I’m concerned about recycling and the impact of waste materials from scrap vehicles affecting the environment. What is Cars4Scrap doing about this?

All the vehicles we collect go through a de-pollution process in accordance with the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive 2000/53/EC. This process is carried out at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) of which there are currently over 1200 such centres in the UK. During the process, all fluids including battery acid, oil, transmission fluid etc are safely removed or neutralised prior to the chassis and bodywork of the car being compacted and processed into raw metal, ready to use again. Up to 85% of your old vehicle will be recycled.

Does the vehicle have to have MOT and Tax?

No, we are happy to collect cars without a current MOT or Tax.

Does my car need to have a valid insurance policy?

No, your car does not need to have a valid insurance policy in order for it to be accepted by us.  However, we strongly advise that you do not drive a car on the public highway without valid insurance; instead you should arrange for your scrap car to be collected.